Structural model of academic engagement based on the achievement and self-regulation goals by the mediating role of educational motivation in the second-cycle secondary school female students of the city of Ilām

The purpose of this study was to develop a structural model of students' academic engagement based on the achievement and self-regulation goals with the mediating role of academic motivation. In a descriptive-correlational study, 473 female students from the second-cycle secondary schools in the city of Ilām were selected, using a random stratified sampling method.

Investigating the influence of teacher's behavior on the student's self-regulation

Lack of interest for following discipline in schools brings with it many different negative consequences for students in fields of education, society, and family. Such a lack of interest toward self-regulation sets the ground for staying away from law, lack of self-esteem, and more wrong-doings even in students who do not have serious and abnormal problems.

Assessment of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and attitude towards educational condition of students in different level of of study to predict school achievement

This investigation was implemented on 368 students who were randomly selected among guidance cycle and different branches of secondary cycle and precollege centers in

Tehran provinces. The research data was obtained by administering a self-regulation and an attitude scale on the sample group.After data analysis  the following results were found::

Development and Designing a Model for providing qualitative feedback in assessment of school achievement

The objective of this paper is to prepare a develop a model for providing quality feedbacks to students. Importance and necessity :In order to reduce the negative impacts of quantity feedback on students" learning ,as well as mental health, The deputy Minister of Education in General Education prepared a plan entitled "descriptive evaluation". After being approved by Higher Council of Education, they implemented the plan for three years, as an experimental plan, in some of primary schools in education districts throughout the country.

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