Acceptance Guide

Acceptance of an article in the Journal of Educational Innovation

Have scientific value;

Within the framework of the objectives set for the publication;

Articles previously published in another publication or dissemination of the action to be taken simultaneously;

The emphasis is on educational innovations.

Based on the scientific method is developed.

With ethics, religion, creed, national and cultural conflict is not.

Been published in other publications.

4 A is a maximum of 20 to 25 pages.

Abstract in Persian and English at a maximum of 250 words should be sent along with the article.

Information on the references in the paper, using APA and in alphabetical order by last name of author, year of publication, title of the source, the translator of the source (if it is printed Persian translation), place of publication and name of publisher the separation of Farsi and English set.

The papers from the thesis, dissertation mentioned, and the University Supervisor is required.


Academic Journal of acceptance, rejection or modification of free articles and papers received will not be refunded.

Assumed responsibility for the views and opinions of the authors is presented.

Information about the author or the translator includes: name, surname, education, RshtەThsyly, academic degree, the last side, home or work address, telephone number, fax number and e-mail with attached paper.

Charts, graphs, and tables are ready to be presented to the extent possible. Contents bright and they are numbered. As charts, graphs and tables in technical writing.

The paper is structured to follow the scientific method and abstract (Persian and Latin), Introduction (Theoretical background, purpose, problem statement), methodology (population, sample, instruments, how to do research), Results (statistical methods, tables, graphs) conclusions (interpretations, limitations, and practical suggestions for future research) and references.

A maximum period of 6 months Past the owners of the articles, so the articles prior to the expiration of the period should submit his article to other publications.