Phenomenological understanding of elementary school teachers' life experience of verbal communications


The teachers are the main part of the teaching-learning process, so we can extract valuable information from their life experiences. The main purpose of this study was phenomenological understanding of elementary school teachers' life experience from verbal communications. This quantitative research was done by phenomenology method. Data were collected through semi-structured interviews. Accordingly, 18 elementary school teachers were selected based on the inclusion criteria of the research. Interviews were analyzed based on Colaizzi method and the thematic analysis. After extracting the subjects and their categorization, three main themes, i.e., the impact on learning, student's behavior and student's communication and 12 sub-themes were identified. Investigating the elementary school teachers' life experiences showed that verbal communications could develop the psychological aspects of the students and improve their academic achievement. So, it is possible to use teachers' experiences for students' educational and behavioral problem solving and for effective communication with parents and educators.


* (PhD), Shirāz University,
** (PhD), Shirāz University,
*** PhD Candidate in educational management at Shirāz University,
**** Graduated from Payāme Noor University of Shirāz,