Phenomenology: A new approach in understanding the curriculum


The natural world of curriculum, part of the everyday life of millions of people who form a part of teaching-learning domain, is the best source for deep and practical understanding of the curriculum area, provided that it is not invalidated with prejudice, presupposition and improper theorizing. As many scholars believe, phenomenological research is an opportunity for a more careful study of the learning process which was not paid attention to enough in the past. In this article, we suggest the appropriate use of this research method to curriculum researchers and to share the essential portion of knowledge and understanding that despite the complexities of the application of this method, the researcher in this area should have them. Based on his experiences of doing this type of research, the author tried to present the philosophical foundations, development and also the beginning  pre-requisites and the stages of doing this research.

* PhD Candidate in Curriculum Studies at Islamic Āzād University (Arāk Branch) (corresponding author),
** (Ph.D), Khārazmi University,
*** (Ph.D), Islamic Āzād University (Arāk Branch),