Aims and Scope


The aim of this publication is to present research findings and innovations in the field of educational research, to facilitate the exchange of ideas among scholars, experts, and researchers, and to enhance the quality of scientific programs and research achievements in fundamental and qualitative issues related to education.


  • Education
  • Educational planning based on the national curriculum document
  • Comparative studies in order to obtain the experiences of other countries in educational, educational and research innovations
  • Educational Achievements
  • Philosophy, goals, foundations, principles, content, programs and methods of education
  • Theoretical foundations and scientific principles and findings of educational psychology knowledge
  • New theories and approaches in curriculum design
  • Ways to improve the quality of the education system
  • Globalization and its effects on education
  • Classroom and school management and planning
  • Future studies in education
  • Application of research findings
  • Information and communication technologies in education
  • Creativity in education
  • Evaluation and validation of educational activities with emphasis on curricula
  • Technical and professional trainings with an emphasis on the document of fundamental transformation and the national curriculum