Guide for Authors

Authors' Guide

Acceptance of an article in the Journal of Educational Innovation

1. Have scientific value;

2. within the framework of the objectives and in the formats specified for the journal;

3. Articles not previously published in another publication or concurrent action taken to publish them;

4. Emphasize on educational innovation.

5. Developed based on scientific methods.

6. Do not conflict with the country's moral, religious, national, and cultural principles.

7. Not published in other publications.

8. The article should have a maximum of 9000 words.

9. The abstract of the article should be submitted in Farsi and English in maximum 2 words.

10. Resource information At the end of the article, in APA and alphabetical order, with surname and author's name, year of publication, source title, source translator's name (if translated into Persian), place of publication and publisher's name. Adjusted to English and Persian sources.

11. In these articles, mention of the thesis, the name of the university and the name of the supervisor is required.

12. Names and terms given in the text of the article should be numbered first with the numbers at the top of the words (tok numbers) and numbered in Latin at the end of the article.

13. The Quarterly Faculty is free to accept, reject, and modify articles, and the submitted articles are not returned.

14. The authors are responsible for the views and theories presented.

15. Information about the author or translator including: name, surname, degree, academic degree, last position, address of work or home, telephone, fax and e-mail with attachment.

16. Graphs, figures and tables should be as readily available as possible. Their contents should be clear and numbered. Specialize in the title of charts, figures, and tables.

17. The article structure follows the scientific method and has an abstract (Farsi-Latin), introduction (theoretical foundations, background, purpose, problem statement), research method (community, sample, tool, how to do research), findings (statistical methods, Tables, charts, conclusions (interpretations, constraints, suggestions, and future research) and resources.

18. The maximum deadline for quarterbacks to respond to authors is six months, so respected authors should not submit their paper to other journals before this period expires.


The bases of a research article include:

۱. Title

۲. Abstract (up to 3 words including goal, method, tool, findings and conclusion) and keywords

۳. Introduction

2.3. A very general introduction to the topic of research

2.3. Expression of research problems and a summary of the research literature in the field under study

2.3. The purpose of the research

۳. ۴. Research Questions (Research hypotheses should be stated if a study is quantitative)

۴. Method

۴. ۱. Study population and sample (research participants)

۴. ۲. Tools or devices used

۴. ۳. Research Method and if necessary Research Method

 ۵. Research Findings: Answers to research questions (or hypotheses)

۶. Conclusion

۷. Resources: APA should set in-text resources and resource lists.

 Note: Other headings can be added to the list only if it helps to clarify the research and its findings.

Notable Distinguished Authors: The Journal of Educational Innovation does not charge authors for reviewing and publishing an article.A