About Journal

 About the Journal

Journal Title: Educational Innovation

Academic Credentials: Scientific Research (According to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, No. 112/2910/3, dated 4/5/2006)

Publication Period: Quarterly

ISSN or Shapa: 1735-1235


Concessionaire: Educational Research and Planning Organization

Managing Director: Dr. Mohiuddin Bahram Mohammadian

Editor: Dr. Alireza Kiamanesh

Internal Administrator: Dr. Azam Mollaeenezhad


Secretariat Officer: Maral Yaghmaian, Senior Measurement and Measurement Expert

Persian Editor: Kobra Mahmoudi, MA in Persian Language Education

English Editor: Dr. Maryam Dana Dana Tusi, General Linguistics

Artistic Director: Shahrokh Khoreghani

Graphic Designer: Farzaneh Porsifi

Technical and Printing Manager: Seyyed Kamal Shahablu

All of the journal's coordination and executive activities are carried out at the Office of Educational Assistance Publications.