A study on the characteristics of “the school which I like” according to the document on fundamental development in education


(PhD), Bu-Ali Sina University


The goal of this article is providing a conceptual model of a school based on the the features and parameters derived from “Iranian National Comprehensive Scientific Plan” and “Iranian Fundamental Development Document”. The main pillars of this school are school principal, teacher, student and curriculum. Some features and items like a knowledgeable and capable leader, appropriate curriculum, happy environment, capable human resources, sufficient facility and technology play key roles in its continuity. This kind of school prepares a good life for students, is the source of education opportunity and services and also guarantees their identity improvement according to Islamic criteria. Such a school would have complete success in educational quality improvement and the development of students’ capacities, and all learners, teachers, parents and local people will like this school. This type of school should be a suitable place for growing pious and Islamic good – tempered human beings. Also it should provide background for thourough implementation of educational justice in our country, improve efficiency of resources at schools, increase cooperation of the society in school education improvement and help the country to achieve the first place in education all over the Middle East and Islamic world according to 20-year National Vision of Islamic Republic of Iran. Definitely, this kind of school increases the satisfaction of students, parents and officials from the function of educational system according to educational rules and regularities. Items and features mentioned in this article were obtained, looking the main and fundamental documents.

Key words: the School which I Like, Fundamental Development in Education.