Investigating the relationship between religiosity and emotional intelligence among pre-university students


Expert member of Children & Adolescents Thinking Education Center


In the light of the positive influence of religion and morality instructions of religion in life, this research studies the relationship of religious status with emotional intelligence in pre-university students in Tehran. The sample of this study is 450 male and female students that have been chosen by purposive sampling method, from those studying in 4,11, & 18 educational regions. We have used correlational method in the research. The tools for gathering data include an inventory for assessment of religious status of young students and inventory Bar-On emotional intelligence. To analyze the data we have applied Pearsonian correlation. The result is as follow: There is a significant positive relationship between religious status with EQ. In conclusion, it seems that instruction of religious and moral material which complement emotional intelligence training  is important element in leading a good life style of male and female students .