On the Practicality and Impact of the Strategies Proposed to Decrease the Rate of Students Failure


1 Faculty member of Tarbiat Moalem University

2 Faculty member of Curriculum and Educational Innovations Institute


One of the consequences of deliberate conducting of the process of learning towards gaining the minimum criteria to pass the final exams without a deep understanding of the concepts and skills; and in fact, inappropriate education of mind and thought of learners, through several exams quite similar to the final exams have resulted in high rates of failure and drop-out. The Bureau of Lower Secondary Education has proposed six strategies to overcome the above mentioned problems. The results of this study showed that among 70 heads of educational groups (HEG) and 458 teachers selected from among all provinces, 37.01% of the HEG and 39.7% of teachers agreed upon that the contents of the exams should be determined by the contents of the text-books for each semester; 51.4% and 56.11%  agreed upon with the influence of the results of the continuous evaluation scores on Shahrivar re-exams, 18.6% and 22.5% of them agreed upon the elimination of the third grade final exams as , and14.3% and 13.8%  of them agreed upon the first three strategies. The hypothetical scores gained through the use of the failed students second semester of continuous evaluation results at grades 1, 2, and 3 at their Shahrivar re-exams are 6.711, 7.044 and 8.031, and is less than the required score for passing the exams.