Standardization of self Directed Learning Reading scale on girls student of Isfahan high schools


1 Faculty member of Islamic Azad University - Khorasgan Branch

2 Master of Clinical Psychology, Islamic Azad University - Khorasgan Branch


The purpose of current research was to validates the self-directed learning readiness scale (SDLRS)to assess the developmental level of Self directed learning for students of  high school. The population under study cosists of 200 girl students from Esfahan high school that were selected based on Cohen & et al(2001) table. the questionnaire implemented and so ,all of the data analyzed and alpha coefficient was computed. Alpha coefficient was found to be 0.82. To assess the construct validity of the scale, factor analysis(principle component) was carried out. After 6 varimax rotation, 3 factor were emerged that account for 63 percent of the total variance of the scale(by 14 factors). The 3 factors are:

Self management, interest of learning and self control.

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