A study on Derrida’s ideas and their usage for improving verbal communicative process in education


(Ph D candidate) on Philosophy of Education at Tehran University


In this article using Derrida’s ideas and emphasizing his disagreement about supremacy of speech over writing, we are going to deduct some principles and methods for improving verbal communicative process in education. At first, it seems that establishing a logical link between Derrida’s ideas and verbal communicative process is impossible. However, the hidden effect of them on each other can solve a lot of communicative problems. So, we analyzed different educational levels according to the importance of writing and speaking in each of them. According to this research, we believe that we can apply simple style of writing at primary school level and more complicated dimensions of writing at upper educational levels. For primary school level, we recommend the use of symbols and pictures, and for guidance school and high school levels, we could use students’ writing capabilities and special opportunities that writing provides for students such as more possibility for thinking, being multidimensional, and having capacity for interpretation and deconstruction of written texts.