A Study on Factor construction, validity, reliability and normalisation of organizational learning capability scale middle school teachers in the city of Isfahan


1 (PhD), Islamic Azad University [Khorasgan (Isfahan) Branch

2 PhD Candidate, Islamic Azad University (Science and Research Branch of Isfahan)


The purpose of this study was to examine the validity, reliability and standardization of organizational learning capability scale (OLCS) among middle school teachers in Isfahan city. The research population in this study consisted of the whole middle school teachers in academic year 1388-1389. Using a simple randomized sampling commensurate with Cohen and others (2000) formula, 506 teachers were selected. The research instrument was a 14 item questionnaire for the assessment of organizational learning capability (Chiva, Alegre and Lapiedra, 2007). The reliability of the instrument was computed using Cronbach’s Alpha, Spearman-Brown and Guttman coefficients, and the validity of it was considered using confirmatory and exploratory factor analysis. Results showed that Cronbach´s Alpha for OLCS and subscales (experimentation, Risk taking, interaction with the external environment, dialogue and participative decision making) were 0.22, 0.85, 0.66, 0.71, 0.84 and 0.50 respectively. The result of confirmatory factor analysis of organizational learning capability scale items showed five factors for OLCS with Goodness of fit statistics. The confirmed measurement scale for organizational learning capability could be implemented as an audit tool. Thus, principals could unveil which organizational learning issues are strong and which are weak. This would provide guidance for improvement across the norm tables.