A study on guidance needs of Tehran high school students


1 PhD Candidate at Allame Tabatabayi University

2 (PhD), Tarbitat Moallem University

3 (PhD), Alzahra University


This research focused on the study of guidance needs of Tehran high school students in physical,  Social, psycological , occupational, educational, and religous aspects.  
The  research sample consisted of 422 female and male students in Tehran governmental and nongovernmental high schools. At first, the schools and districts were selected by cluster sampling. Then, using stratified sampling method,they were selected according to gender and school. Finally, some classes were selected using simple random sampling method from the selected schools.  The research method was survey and research instrument was the Guidance Needs Inventory (GNI). To analyze the data, descriptive and inferential statistics were used.  
The results indicated that the students need different amounts of guidance in different above-mentioned aspects. Mostly, they needed educational guidance and occupational guidance were of secondary importance. Also, there was no significant difference between boys and girls in this regard. But in the other four fields, there was a difference. There was no difference between govermental and non govermental students in physical and psycological fields and there was no difference in other parts. Boys needed more guidance than girls, and govermental school students needed more guidance than non-givermental school students.