Some appropriate strategies for introducing green chemistry education into secondary school chemistry curriculum


1 MSc at Chemistry Education, Leila

2 (PhD), Shahid Rajāee Teacher Training University


Green Chemistry means manufacture of new products using new techniques that fits the three objectives of sustainable environment, sustainable economy and sustainable society. The purpose of this study was presenting some strategies for introducing green chemistry into the chemistry curriculum of secondary school, using the experiences of the developed countries in this regard. It was a qualitative research, that using the comparative (Beredays method) method, Green chemistry education curriculum of America, Australia, China, England, and Iran have been reviewed. To determine the characteristics of secondary school green chemistry education, the essential elements of the green chemistry education of chemistry curriculum of the mentioned developed countries including logic, objectives, content, teaching methods and methods of assessment of green chemistry education have been reviewed. The results indicated that the green chemistry education of Iran is very different from that of the mentioned developed countries. Thus, based on the findings of this study, ways of integrating green chemistry education at the chemistry curriculum was presented. Then, professors, curriculum experts and environment experts’ views on the suggested strategies for the proposed curriculum were collected through semi-structured interview. Respondents believed that the suggested strategies are appropriate for inclusion in the chemistry curriculum ‎and their introduction into the chemistry curriculum is essential. ‎Findings of this research can be used for the development of the new chemistry curriculum or for the enrichment of the current curriculum through its integration with green chemistry education.