A Study of 5th grade primary school students misconceptions about heat and temperature


1 (Ph D), Research Institution for Curriculum Development & Educational Innovations, Tehran-Iran

2 (MA), Ardebil Education Office, Ardebil-Iran


The aim of the present study was to investigate 5th grade primary school students misconceptions about heat and temperature, concepts that are important in school science curricula and closely related to daily life. A sample including 136 primary school students who were studying at the 5th grade in 4 educational school districts of 6th region of Tehran were selected and participated in the study. A test comprising five open-ended and multiple-choice diagnostic questions and also semi-structured interviews were used to collect the required data. Findings showed that students have many various and different conceptions about heat and temperature and many of which have not been previously documented. In the light of the study, it can be suggested that due to the Ministry of Education’s recent revisions of the science education curricula and instructional materials, further emphasis should be put on heat and temperature and its modeling in related course books.