A consideration on the companionship of childrens literature and philosophy in the philosophy program for childrens


(PhD), Assistant professor, The Center for Childrens Literature, the University of Shiraz, Shiraz, Iran


Although the philosophy movement for children has constantly taken advantage of childrens literature, it has never had a theoretical consideration on this concept. The main part of the discussions by the authorities in this movement is about the childrens concepts, philosophy, and the theory of education. Literature has only been considered as a tool that has a destination other than itself – in this case the education of philosophical thinking. The current article is after allocating a space to the childrens literature in the interaction between the concepts of childhood and philosophy and analyze the relationship of three concepts instead of two concepts. It is as a final work, after finding an approach that simultaneously values the independent essence and identity of literature and the nourishment of childrens philosophical thinking.