Turning from dipolar universe to a tri-grade world


(PhD)Assistant professor of Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran


The foundation of current educational philosophy is on two basis, which is dual worldview or dipolar universe. The dipolar universe which refers to the independent essences of matter and meaning or thinking and extension has expanded the distinction of parts of the world, society, and human. The distinction between physics and metaphysics, or matter from meaning eventually leads to the expansion of material or physical pole and created materialism. The consequence of dipolar worldview of educational materialism was separationism, educational scleroma, and educational secularism. Any type of innovation and educational modification is in hands of philosophical innovation. Turning from the dipolar universe to a tri-grade world is a proper way for making the educational modifications possible and escape the damages of the dipolar universe. Explanation of the tri-grade world is in the hands of the unity of worldview and belief in the world of illustration or imagination. The world of illustration can make the unity of world a reality by filling in the space between the world of nature and the world of rationality. The tri-grade world has different presents and gifts for education, some of the most important of which include: the unity of physics and meta-physics, reconciliation of human and universe, passage over metaphor, and aesthetic outlook. The Islamic philosophy, especially transcendent philosophy creates strong theoretical support in epistemology and knowledge of existence for believing in the tri-grade world.