Relation of teacher’s behavior with vitality and internal motivation of Isfahan high school students


1 Assistant Professor of Faculty of Education and Psychology, the University of Isfahan

2 Ph D Student of Psychology, Isfahan University

3 High School teacher in mathematics in Isfahan


The aim of current research under the title of relation of teacher’s behavior with vitality and internal motivation was to determine relative relation and contribution of different kinds of teacher’s behavior to explain students vitality and internal motivation. The sample was consisted of 300 participants from Isfahan high school pupils randomly selected to respond to the questionnaire on teacher’s behaviors, vitality, and internal motivation. Part of the significant findings show important factors for the students’ vitality and internal motivation in two areas, which include teacher’s behavior related to vitality and teachers’ behavior related to internal motivation. The factors in each of these areas indicate the student’s internal vitality and internal motivation. Among teachers’ behavior related to vitality, teacher enthusiasm (0.31), independent support (0.27), underlying knowledge (0.21) explain vitality and student’s motivation. And among teachers’ behaviors related to internal motivation, teachers’ enthusiasm (0.41) and variety of method (0.29) explain students’ vitality and internal motivation.