Investigating the effects of teachers creativity programs on students’ creativity in their school achievement, and self-belief


Faculty member of the University of Tehran, Iran


Our educational system for improving and training creativity needs a basic and fundamental change.

Teachers have key roles in educational system so a creativity training program of teachers has been prepared to achieve a necessary cognition, attitude and teaching skill. The creativity training program that was designed by research according to scientific theories and its positive effect on their cognition, attitude and teaching skills was confirmed.

This survey is the second stage of that research. In this survey the second stage of creativity training program of teachers on creativity, self concept and academic progress of their students has been investigated by Quasi experiment and Solomon design. So teachers and their students have been divided into two experimental groups and two control groups. One of the experimental groups and one of the control group received post. Then the experimental teachers participated in the program and acquired the necessary skill. Then they used them in their class. After the end of the course all of the groups received past test. The analysis of data confirmed the first hypothesis the expressed the creativity training program of teachers in creased the self concept of students the positive effect of program on academic progress confirmed.

So the creativity training program of teachers can be a suitable pattern for improving creativity and academic progress in schools.