The Importance of the Communicative Function of Language in Child Language Development


1 (Ph D), Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Najafiaz @gmailcom

2 (MA)


The present article emphasizes the experiential function of language introduced by Halliday`s “Systematic Functional Grammar” and the importance of introducing this language function to elementary school students from two perspectives: 1. introducing all processes of this function as a complementary stage in language learning process, 2. introducing the processes of this language function on the basis of cognitive development of children. For these two purposes, we statistically and semantically analyzed the “Reading” books of the 1st to 5th grades of elementary school. The classified proportional allocation and systematic random sampling have been used as sampling methods. The results of the research suggest that all language processes are NOT introduced to students. Meanwhile, the processes included in the studied textbooks are NOT distributed according to linguistic and psychological principles. The irregular distribution of processes proves this claim.