Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Teachers: Analysis of Nature, Methodology, Antecedents and Consequences of Internationally Published Researches in this Area


1 (PhD candidate), Tarbiat Moallem University

2 (PhD), Tarbiat Moallem University


Effective schools have teachers, who voluntarily go beyond their formal responsibilities and they do their best to improve the school effectiveness. Today, these behaviors are called «Organizational Citizenship Behavior». Considering the increasing need of schools to teachers with high «Organizational Citizenship Behavior» and also the shortage of knowledge about this important issue in Iran ,in this study ,we tried to analyze the content of some important internationally published researches about «Organizational Citizenship Behavior» of teachers. The analysis was done according to the researches’ nature (necessities ,origins ,definitions, new impressions and indicators), methodology (research method and instruments), antecedents (individual and organizational factors ,principal leadership behaviors and contextual factors), consequences (with emphasis on students ‘academic achievement) and also regarding the principals’ role.