Evaluation of Roshd Educational Website According To the Educational Website Designing Standards


1 (MA)

2 (PhD), Allame Tabatabayee

3 Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch


The aim of this descriptive research was to evaluate Roshd educational website according to the designing standards of educational websites. Statistical population of this research was Roshd educational network of which the general part and three courses of chemistry, physics and Arabic were selected randomly and evaluated. The data was gathered using a researcher-made checklist that was created through combination of educational websites evaluation models (10 Cs, CARS and Kearsley). The data was analyzed using descriptive statistics. The results showed that educational goals of the courses in Roshd educational website are in an undesirable level, and the content, learning-teaching methods, evaluation methods, web page design and general part of the site are in a relatively desirable level.