Analysis of primary school textbooks based on the components of health education


1 (PhD), University of Mazandaran (Babolsar)

2 (PhD), Shahid Beheshti University

3 (MA) at Curriculum Studies, University of Mazandaran


The main purpose of this study was to analyze the content of primary school textbooks, based on the components of health education. The components considered in this study were skin hygine, oral health, sport and body movement, nutrition, illness(AIDS), cigarette and drug problems. The content analysis method was Shannon Entropy Method and unit of analysis was page (text, questions, practices and pictures) that included 3467 pages. Research population consisted of all elementary books, containing 36 textbooks in academic year 1387-1388 on eight topics,(Read) Farsi, (write) Farsi, Science, Heavenly Gifts, Heavenly gifts (homework), Koran, math and social education. The sample consisted of textbooks on seven topics including: (Read) Farsi, (write) Farsi, Science, Heavenly Gifts, Heavenly Gifts( homework), Koran and Social Studies. The results showed that there was more attention to sport and body movement components than other components and less attention was paid to illness component. Meanwhile, none of the indicators of the above-mentioned components was considered in a balanced way and textbooks have not covered components of health education consistently.