Validating the curriculum guide to “life skills and manners” education curriculum


1 MA at Educational Psychology

2 PhD Candidate at Curriculum Studies


Life skills and manners is a course planned along with other courses to familiarize students with socio-religious instructions as well as acquiring skills related to personal development, interpersonal and social relations, and the way to face everyday life challenges. The present research on the validating the curriculum guide of the course entitled “Life Skills and Manners” has been done to examine the extent of validity of this curriculum from the viewpoint of  experts, with six special purposes and eight research questions based on the research done in this domain and the opinions of fourty-four experts in other related domains. Using evaluative method and two instruments (questionnaire and interview) as well as the output of the review and evaluation session, this research has succeeded in producing some useful information. The result of this research indicated the necessity to review the definition presented for “life skills and manners” and also the rationale and approach of the curriculum, the need to consider the gender differences, professional qualifications of teachers, and practical requirements in developing the curriculum, the importance of implementing a suitable concept map for elementary to high school education, and determining relevant lessons. It should be noted that the experts emphasized on enriching the separate and integrated curricula on the domain of learning “life skills and manners”. Among special and native qualities of this curriculum is the addition of “life manners” to the “life skills” existed in the world’s other educational systems.