The Relationship between academic optimism and self – management strategies of teachers with high school students’ academic achievement


1 (PhD), University of Tehran

2 PhD Students at Educational Psychology, University of Tehran


The aim of the present research was to predict language academic achievement (Persian, English, and Arabic) of high school students by academic optimism and self – management strategies of teachers. For this purpose 295 teachers (171 males and 124 females) were chosen based on a stratified random sampling method from two educational districts in Ardabil. The research tools included teacher academic optimism questionnaire (Woolfolk Hoy, et al, 2008) and the self-management strategies questionnaire based on Selection, Optimization and Compensation (SOC) model. Also, the average score of the final exams of Persian, English, and Arabic language of students of each teacher’s class was considered as the criteria for their academic achievement. The results of the stepwise regression showed that the teachers’ self-management strategies and their academic optimism correlated with academic achievement of students and they were able to predict the variance of academic achievement of students. There was no significant difference in academic optimism and self- management strategies of male and female teachers. In general, findings indicated that the students, whose teachers had more academic optimism and self – management strategies have higher academic achievement scores.