Teaching the Quran concepts and interpretation using educational technology and psychology of colors


1 (PhD), Faculty of Quran Studies, Tehran

2 MA in Quran Interpretation


In recent years, the role of educational media in providing necessary information and skills to help the addressee to better understand the educational subjects has been paid attention more and more. In the present paper, a method is proposed to teach the concepts and interpretation of Quran using educational technologies (charts and diagrams) and color psychology, which makes possible the easy familiarity of addressee with Quran concepts. In this method, the total subjects of each sura are provided in the form of a chart or circle diagram. Such a diagram makes the addressee familiar with the approximate volume of verses, related to each of the main subjects in sura and conveys the obvious image of sura content to the mind of addressee. In the majority of methods used in teaching Quran concepts, it is not considered in this way. This method has special flexibility and considering the condition and characteristics of addressee, suggests the education at general and specialized level. So, it could be used both in formal teaching (university and schools such as primary schools) and informal ones.