Volume & Issue: Volume 20, Issue 4 - Serial Number 80, December 2021 
Analysis of design thinking models and identifying their role and dimensions: A systematic review

Pages 7-34


Zahrā Abolhasani; Marziye Dehghāni; Mohammad Javādipour; Keyvān Sālehi; Nasrin Mohammadhasani

The generation gap and teaching and learning strategies at primary school level: A futuristic approach

Pages 149-172


Elhām Yousefi Hamedāni; Ahmadrezā Nasr Isfahani; Yāsamin Ābedini; Mohsen Tāheri Demne

Comparative study of career guidance curriculum to provide guidelines for the Iranian education system

Pages 209-244


Behrooz Rahimi; Rezvān Hakimzāde; Mohammad Javādipour; Keyvān Sālehi; Mohammad Khādemi kolahlou