Volume & Issue: Volume 14, Issue 3 - Serial Number 55, October 2015 
Investigating the amount of observance of the intended scientific principles of evaluation in Thought and Research Course at the primary school 6h grade

Pages 22-36

Majid Bahreini Boroujeni; Ahmad Rezā Nasr Isfahāni; Seyyed Ebrāhim Mir Shāhjafari; Mohammad Javad Liaghatdar; Kobrā Sepehri Boroujeni; Fātemeh Moghaddasi Borojeni

Deconstructing the hierarchical relation between teacher and student based on Derrida’s ideas

Pages 37-50

Mehdi Yousefi; Saeed Zarghami; Yahyā Ghāedi; Alirezā Mahmud Niā

Reliability and validity of Collective Teacher Efficacy Belief Scale (CTEBS) in Gonabad primary schools

Pages 51-68

Ezzatollāh Ghadampour; Mohammadrezā Mottaghi Niā; Hoshang Garāvand